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I’m a passionate filmmaker and Hofstra graduate (’12) who has worked professionally in the industry for the last seven years. I’ve specialized in marketing brand focused campaigns to help reposition numerous companies online presence. As a strong visual communicator, team player and marketing wordsmith, I’ve collaborated with many businesses on their efforts to expand their social reach, through B2B and B2C communications. I am driven, hardworking and extremely detail oriented which keeps my passion for filmmaking alive and competitive in a vastly growing industry. With a very strong foundation in scriptwriting and cinematography, producing commercialized content has become second nature. I’m currently working as a Senior Video Producer/Photographer for Natures Plus. Throughout my time at Korg and NaturesPlus, I’ve been responsible for building a professional workspace studio with an allocated budget for equipment. For Korg specifically, I’ve been responsible for creating captivating content for their thirteen distributed brands. Since I’ve started as an Editor, I’ve grown as a Cinematographer and After Effects Animator. On the business end, I’ve worked and maintained yearly budgets for the company as well as built and maintained a vast network of freelancers. In addition to this, four years ago, I incorporated my own Videography business, Revel Film Inc. that has been a growing name in the live events world. I consider myself to be a fun person to work along sides with as well as a hard worker that takes an amerce amount of pride in my work. Below is my resume and the equipment list of camera gear I use regularly on productions. While this list is only based on what I currently own, I’ve also had experience with Teradek, Live-Stream, ARRI and RED.  I’d love the opportunity to meet and discuss some of my recent work with you, as well as show you how I can be a valuable member to your team.


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